Reporting an Absence

In order to ensure the health and safety of all students and maintain accurate attendance records, all parents/carers must:

  • Phone the school absence line on 020 7617 7181 before 8.30am each day with an explanation of your child's absence.
  • Ensure your child arrives in school at 8.20am otherwise they will be marked as late
  • Advise the school immediately of any changes of telephone numbers and of address via email at We require proof of address in order to amend this.   
  • Provide medical evidence if requested. It must be taken to reception on your child’s return to school.
  • Notify in advance any medical appointment, which could not be made out of school hours. Letters, appointment cards and notes must be shown.
  • No students, if unwell or if permission has otherwise been granted, are allowed to leave school premises out of regular school hours without an accompanying parent or carer.
  • Check with the school or the Term Dates page to ensure that parents/carers and pupils are aware of the correct term dates.